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Single and Strong!

Strong comes in many forms. I think being vulnerable is being strong. Being honest is strong. Being in your own power is strong. And no one else has to approve.

Yes, we care about what our love ones think about us- that is natural human behavior. But we don’t have to follow what they believe is best for us. Recognizing what we want and what is best for our self is strong. Holding boundaries for what we believe and what makes us happy is strong. Sometimes society, friends, and family can give us messages about our single-hood, “Are you dating anyone?”; “Did you bring a date”; “I didn’t want you to feel like the third wheel” (“Um why don’t you let me make that decision”). I am sure there are many other comments or questions you can add.

First of all, see that those questions, comments, and thoughts are theirs, not yours. You don’t have to take that on- let them keep it. You don’t need to get down because of someone else’s belief. You can have your own. You can stand in, and if you need to find, your power within. You can be positive and confident in who you are and what you stand for in this life.

​Statistics show that the amount of people who choose to be single have steadily been on the rise. You don’t need to have a partner to pursue dreams, take the next step in your career, volunteer for something you feel passionate, take that trip, buy that place, or attend that wedding. Guess what- it is about your happiness!- not your parent’s, not your grandparent’s, not your friends’, and not your colleagues. It is about you and making yourself happy. You are the one who can make yourself happy. There is so much out there in the world to experience and you can choose what you want for you! It may just take some mindfulness, belief, and knowing how to be in the moment!

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