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Anxiety is not all that uncommon in this day and age. Anxiety can be categorized by feelings of worry, nervousness, or fear that are strong enough to interfere with one's daily life. It also involves feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. I know, and individuals in my family know it also. It is NOT helpless; IT IS workable and treatable. And it may just be Temporary. I infuse education with tools and even some activities that could involve laughter. Let me help guide you along your journey of being whom you want and to your best ability. Reaching out for help may just be one step to being closer to you!

Anxiety runs in my family and those close to me have suffered from the symptoms of anxiety. I have always been there to listen to them and offer knowledge that I have learned—and continue to learn—through my studies, reading, and trainings. I pride myself in being there for my family and friends. I also realized that I deal with anxiety myself. I am a highly sensitive person: I feel, think, and process deeply. I have always known deep down that there is an alternative; there is hope. And I have learned that it just takes conscious awareness and direction that will eventually become automatic (like riding a bike) through effort and practice. I believe we all want to do our best and feel good—we just don't always know how. I suffered from insecurities in the past.

Our family of origin—no matter how good their intention—is not perfect. We pass our traits and beliefs down the line. As a child, our choices are limited; we are little beings learning how to survive and our adults shape our environment and our behavior. As an adult, we have the power to make changes and face that which is not serving us, and I am here to help you navigate this journey.

If you or a loved one are struggling with anxiety, contact me and let me help you.

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