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Anxiety Treatment for Adults

Feel Empowered To Live Your Life and Dreams Despite the Harsh Inner Critic in your Head. 

Coming from Southern California, my name is Stacey Sciacchitano, and I am an anxiety therapist who will guide you on a course toward your own personal contentment and teach you to find relief from overwhelming anxiety and focus on what is important to you. 

I understand-

  • That anxiety has you worrying and fills your head with “What ifs.”

  • That anxiety has your head spinning and feeling overwhelmed or drained emotionally and/or physically.

  • That anxiety causes great self-criticism.

  • That anxiety that has you feeling nervous and afraid. 

  • That anxiety can keep you up at night.

  • That anxiety that has you overanalyzing so many things in your life.

  • That anxiety can create tension in your physical body.

  • That anxiety causes irritability.

  • That anxiety can cause trouble concentrating.

  • That anxiety interferes with what you want in your life. 

  • That anxiety that has you feeling like you are not enough or not worthy.

  • That anxiety has you fearing judgment by others.

  • That anxiety can cause difficulties in a relationship.

  • That anxiety has you feeling stressed most days.


I guide you to discover what they didn’t teach you in school or at home.

You don’t have to do it alone. You have such good intentions for your life and want certain things or ways of being, And learning techniques from Stacey, a professional in the field, can really get you to take back control from that anxiety.


Cognitive Behavioral THerapy (CBT)

CBT is an evidence-based approach to helping you better manage your anxiety.


Learning to focus your awareness on the present moment, while calmly understanding and accepting your thoughts and feelings. 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT helps to teach you to identify your values, become aware of your thoughts, and create shifts in behavior 


Through years of experience and trainings through psychological and neuroscience interventions, I have a toolbox to meet you where you are at in your journey with acceptance and a safe space because learning techniques such as relaxation is so important when dealing with that anxiety. This will result in symptom reduction that will open the path to increased self-awareness so you can catch that anxiety when it is being harsh to you through your thoughts, images, or feelings. Then, you feel empowered and more in control of your life to reach an important goal, increase your self-confidence, and settle your mind to problem-solve when needed. I am here to guide you on the path to discover your triggers and become more flexible in your perspective of that anxiety. You are worth it! It is time to invest in you! What is good for you is good for who and what is around you.

Are you ready to develop better coping with that feeling of unease, implement strategies to manage that anxiety effectively, and even get to the root cause?

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